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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Placing an Order

Q. How do I place an order online?

A. Simply click the 'Add to cart' Button associated with an item to add it to your Shopping Cart. Once you have completed shopping, click the View / Checkout button near the top right corner of any page. You will be directed to the Shopping Cart page, from which you can Proceed to Checkout.

The Windsor Mail Checkout system is very quick and easy - you don't need to register an account before ordering. However, to save time you can login with the email and password you specified for your first purchase.

Q. Can I place an order if I am under 18 years old?

A. You must be 18 years or older to create an account with us or place an order.

Q. Do prices on your site include GST?

A. Yes, all prices on our site (as well as the quoted postage fees) are quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST (Australian Goods and Service Tax).

Q. How do I get a receipt?

A. When you confirm your purchase at the end of the checkout process, a confirmation/invoice email will be automatically sent out to you. Please save this for tax purposes as well as proof of purchase.

Q. Why didn't I receive a confirmation/invoice email?

A. When making a purchase, make sure you have entered your email address correctly. Ensure that the confirmation email wasn't identified as spam and placed in a spam folder by your spam filter/anti-virus software. If neither is the problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team – see Contact Us.

Q. Can I make bulk purchases (and receive a discount)?

A. You may purchase up to 30 units of a certain product and up to 30 different products. Up to these limits, there is no bulk discount per se, but you will of course save on postage by only having to pay one postage fee for all of the items. If you wish to purchase more than the above quantities per order, feel free to Contact Us by phone or email.

Order Changes

Q. Can I change my order after submitting it by mail, fax, phone or online?

A. Once your order is received, the order is processed by our Order Processing team and payment is processed by our Banking team. The order is then sent electronically to our warehouse for picking, packing and despatch. Thus if you have placed an order and you wish to change or cancel it, please contact us as soon as possible and hopefully we will be able to accommodate your request before the order is despatched.

Note that even if your order has already been despatched, you will still be able to return any items for a full refund (excluding postage) or exchange under our 90 Day Change-of-Mind Return Policy and our 5 Year Money Back Guarantee (for faulty items).


Q. How can I pay if I'm posting an order form (e.g. from a catalogue) in the mail?

A. You may pay by cheque, money order, cash or by entering your credit/debit card details. Please see the relevant order form for more details.

Q. How can I pay for my order if ordering online?

A. Currently you can only pay via PayPal. Note that it is possible to pay using PayPal by simply entering your credit/debit card or bank account details, without the need for PayPal to save your credit card details or for you to create a PayPal account. With PayPal, you can use a range of credit or debit cards, or even direct bank account transfer for payment.

Disclaimer: The PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence, number 304962. Before deciding to sign-up or use the PayPal service you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement, available at

Q. Are my credit card details kept secure during the checkout transaction process?

A. Yes. Your payment information is handled securely by PayPal, and is not passed onto Windsor Mail or any other party.

Q. Can I use PayPal even if I have never used it before?

A. Yes you can. It is possible to pay using PayPal by simply entering your credit/debit card or bank account details, without the need for PayPal to save your credit card details or for you to create a PayPal account. If you do wish to create an account, it is quick and easy – see for more details.

Q. How do I know you are a real, legitimate business?

A. Windsor Mail is a legally registered business with a physical street address of 407 Victoria Road Malaga WA 6090 and ABN 83003579128. For more information, please see our about us page. We also have a customer service hotline available for your convenience and assistance – see the contact us page.


Q. Are any of your products second-hand / "2nds"?

A. All our products are brand new, never before used or unboxed. We do not sell or promote products that are 2nd hand or repaired seconds. The only exception we make is for items that are returned from our customers soon after purchase that have been thoroughly verified as still being in an as-new, saleable condition. If you discover that the item you have received appears to be tampered with or used, you are eligible to a full refund under our Returns Policy.

Q. Why has the costume jewellery I ordered discoloured? Is it defective?

A. Gold- or silver-plated costume jewellery has a tendency to discolour from extended contact with human skin. You can limit the discolouration by not keeping such items on your person continuously. If however, you believe the item is discolouring excessively and wish to get a refund for the item, you are of course entitled to a refund or exchange in accordance with our 5 Year Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Postage, Delivery and Order Tracking

Q. How long will it take to deliver my order, if I am posting to an Australian address?

A. Usually, it takes less than 14 days for your goods to be delivered from when we receive your order. (Note that if posting an order form from a catalogue, please allow for the time it will take for the order form to be delivered to us in the mail). However, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery, especially if placing an order in time for Christmas. The exact time taken to deliver your order will depend on, amongst other things, your shipping address and our current volume of orders.

Q. How long will it take to deliver my order, if I am posting to a New Zealand address?

A. Usually, it takes less than 28 days for your goods to be delivered from when we receive your order. (Note that if posting an order form from a catalogue, please allow for the time it will take for the order form to be delivered to us in the mail). However, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery, especially if placing an order in time for Christmas. The exact time taken to deliver your order will depend on, amongst other things, your shipping address and our current volume of orders.

Please note that currently it is not possible to place an order from the Online Checkout on this website for delivery to a New Zealand address.

Q. Can I order and then come to your warehouse to pay for it and pick it up?

A. Unfortunately, Windsor Mail does not currently provide this option. We cannot process your order without receiving initial payment and we do not have the facility for customers to pick up their orders. Moreover, even if you do happen to live close to our warehouse, it should only take one or two days for your order to be delivered after it has been processed.

Q. Why haven’t I received a despatch confirmation email?

A. Please bear in mind that it will usually take 1-2 business days to process and despatch your order. If an item is unexpectedly out of stock, we will contact you immediately and inform you of when the item is likely to be despatched. If you don't receive a despatch confirmation or out of stock email after 3 business days from placing your order, please ensure that you have entered your email address correctly, and that the email wasn't identified as spam and placed in a spam folder by your spam filter/anti-virus software. If neither is the problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What method of delivery do you use?

A. All orders are delivered by Australia Post as e-parcels.

If ordering from a catalogue or other printed direct marketing material, no signature will be required upon delivery. If nobody is at home and the parcel(s) do not fit in your letterbox, the parcel(s) will be left at your front door. For more information about Australia Post’s e-parcels, click here. Generally speaking, all items in an order will be sent in one e-parcel, unless the items cannot all fit in one e-parcel or if one or more items is out of stock.

All orders placed from the Online Checkout on this website require a signature upon delivery. Australia Post typically only delivers during business hours, so if you are not expecting to be home during these hours, we suggest you provide us with an alternative address for delivery, (e.g. your work address). You can enter specific delivery instructions during the checkout process.

Q. What if I am not at home when you deliver my goods (for online orders)?

A. If there is no one available to sign for the delivery or if the local postal service does not offer this direct service, then a card will be left in your mailbox advising you of a nearby post office to collect your parcel from.

Q. Can I place an online order to be sent to an address outside Australia?

A. Currently no. Shipments to New Zealand will hopefully be available soon, and other countries in time.

Q. Do you offer Gift Wrapping?

A. No, we do not offer gift wrapping unless specifically advertised for a given product.

Q. When will my order be delivered if an item is not in stock?

A. If certain items in your order are not currently stocked, you will be notified by telephone and/or email as to when the item(s) will come into stock and will ultimately be delivered to you. We will despatch the items on hand as soon as possible and send the outstanding items as soon as they become available. No extra postage will be charged to you if more than one parcel has to be sent.


Q. What happens if my product is damaged during delivery?

A. Rest assured, if you select the Shipping Insurance option on a printed order form or at the Online Checkout, and any item in the order arrives damaged or defective, you are entitled to a full refund. Please see the Shipping Insurance section of our Terms and Conditions page.

Q. I bought an item of clothing that doesn't fit me. Can I return the item for a refund/exchange?

A. Yes. Any items that doesn’t fit or is otherwise unsuitable is covered by our 90 Day Change-of-Mind Policy.

Q. If I place an order for to delivery to someone else, does the 5-year Money Back Guarantee apply to them?

A. Yes – as long as the recipient keeps the order summary form that is enclosed with every order parcel, then a refund, replacement or exchange can be made for defective items under the 5 Year Money Back Guarantee.

Q. The item I received is different to how it looked on the website. Can I get a refund or exchange?

A. Yes – you may return the item under our 90 Day Change-of-Mind Policy.

Q. Can I return an item for a refund/exchange if can't find the original packaging the item was posted in?

A. If an item is contained in the manufacturer's packaging, please return the item in that packaging. Otherwise, the item would have been wrapped in protective padding (bubble-wrap, etc.) - although you do not need to keep and reuse such wrapping, please wrap the returned item in a similar fashion when returning it. If the item is valuable, we recommend you purchase insurance for the return shipment of the item.

Q. Why have I not received my refund?

A. Once we have received your returned item(s) and the refund has been approved (or the refund has otherwise been approved over the phone), we will then send you an email with notification of receipt of your item and confirmation that we have processed your refund.

If you have not received a returns receipt email notification, or if you have not received your refund after 2 working days from when you received the refund email notification, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Buy One, Get One Free

Q. I bought two items using the buy one, get one free offer. I’d like to return one or both of them – can I get a refund or exchange?

A. Yes. For the purpose of refunds and exchanges, Buy One, Get One Free items are effectively half-price items. Thus if you ordered two products from the say $29.95 Buy One, Get One Free page, each effectively has a value of $14.98 or $15.00 rounded. Thus if you wish to return one of the items, you can receive a $15 refund or $15 credit for the purpose of an exchange. Similarly, you would receive a $29.95 refund or $29.95 credit if you returned both. If it is a change-of-mind return, the item(s) can be returned within 90 days of delivery (see here for more information). If the item arrives or becomes defective due to no fault of your own, you may return the item under our 5 Year Money Back Guarantee.

Bi-Annual Grand Prize Draw

Q. Can I enter the Grand Prize Draw more than once?

A. Absolutely. The more times you enter, the greater your chances of winning a prize will become. However, for each entry you will need to make a separate order.

Note: It is not possible to separate your multi-item order into separate orders for the purpose of making multiple entries and then request to have them despatched together to save on postage.

Q. Do I have to place an order from every catalogue I receive to remain eligible for a particular upcoming prize draw?

A. No. As long as you place an order from at least one catalogue that promotes a particular prize draw, then you are eligible for that draw. However, with every order you place, your odds of winning a prize increase proportionately.

Q. Which draws am I currently in the running for?

A. It is always stated which draw you are entering in the documentation enclosed with the catalogue from which you placed an order (or in the confirmation email if purchasing online). If however you are still unsure of which draws you have entered, please feel free to contact us.

Q. How will I know if I have won a Prize Draw prize?

A. After the applicable draw date (see the Prize Draw page), all winners will be notified by mail (it should take about a week after the draw date for the notification letters to be received). The first prize winner will first be contacted by telephone as soon as possible after the draw. Additionally, all winners will be published in newspapers as per the Prize Draw Terms and Conditions.

Your Privacy

Q. What information of mine do you keep? and is it passed on to anyone outside Windsor Mail?

A. We collect the personal information you supply us, namely your name, title, postal address and phone number, as well as your optionally supplied fax number, email address and birth date. This information is stored for the purpose of processing and sending your orders and communicating with you about your orders. Your birth date is used for special birthday gift promotions and for prize draw purposes. We also keep a record of your purchase history from us. Only authorised, relevant personnel will access the information when required. Your information is stored in our in-house electronic database, as well as in physical storage of your order forms.

We do not receive and thus do not store any of your payment information – this is all handled securely by PayPal.

Q. Do you pass on my details to anyone outside of Windsor Mail?

A. We pass on your shipping details to Australia Post solely for the purpose of delivering your order(s). Additionally, we send your name and address to a mailing house for the sole purpose of printing and mailing of our printed communications.

From time to time we may allow your details to be used by other reputable companies offering goods and services we believe you may be interested in. If you do not wish your details to be used in this way, you may opt out by ticking the relevant box on any order form you send to us or on the Checkout page of this website. Alternatively, you may opt out at any time by calling us on 1300 305 012 or by emailing

Your information will only be passed outside of Australia to overseas couriers/postal services if your order’s destination is outside of Australia. In addition, we may send your name and address to a mailing house located overseas – currently in China – where our direct marketing material is laser printed and prepared for mailing.

Website Technical Problems

Q. What browser version is recommended for viewing this site?

A. This site is best viewed with:

  • Firefox 3.6 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 11 or greater or Microsoft Edge
  • Safari version 3 or greater, or
  • Google Chrome version 1 or greater

When the site is viewed by browsers other than that recommended, we cannot guarantee optimal website security. If your browser is incompatible, an error message will appear and you will be given links to download an up-to-date version of the browser of your choice.

Q. The error message "Java_Script seems to be disabled in your browser" appears under the banner. How do I fix this problem?

A. You must enable Java_Script in order for the interactive elements of the site to function properly.

For Firefox users:

  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click Options. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu and select Options.
  2. In the Options Preferences window, select the Content panel.
  3. Enable Java_Script: Select this option to permit Java_Script scripts to execute on your computer.
  4. Click OK to close the Options window.
  5. Click Close to close the Preferences window.
  6. Close the Preferences window.

For Internet Explorer users:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab.
  2. Click the Internet zone.
  3. Ensure that the security level is set to Medium-High (default).
  4. If you prefer to maintain a custom level of security, follow these steps:
  • Click Custom Level.
  • In the Security Settings – Internet Zone dialog box, click Enable for Active Scripting in the Scripting section.
  • Click the Back button to return to the previous page, and then click the Refresh button to reload the page with scripts running.

For Safari users:

  1. Under the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Click on Enable Java_Script.
  4. Close the Preferences dialog box.

For Google Chrome users:

  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Mac users: If you don't see the wrench icon, go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click Chrome.
  2. Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on Chrome OS).
  3. Click the Under the Hood tab.
  4. Click Content settings in the Privacy section.
  5. Click on the Java_Script tab, and click on Enable Java_Script.

Q. I am using one of the recommended web browsers for this site and Java_Script is enabled, but I am still having issues with using the site. What can I do?

A. If this is the case, please email our IT Team at with a message stating:

  • what you were trying to do,
  • what the error message was/ what problem was encountered, and
  • which web browser and computer operating system you are using.

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